Respifit S

Why Respifit S?

Respifit S is the world's first and only training device of its kind for increasing the strength and endurance of the inspiratory respiratory muscles. Respifit S was developed for the treatment of respiratory muscle weakness in patients with neuromuscular diseases by a group of Austrian physicians including Univ. Doz. Dr. Theodor Wanke.

Noticeable advantages

Targeted training with Respifit S deepens breathing. The coordination of the diaphragm is learned, the diaphragm is strengthened and breathing is economized. This means that sufficient oxygen exchange takes place in the lungs again. Thus you achieve a much easier breathing in everyday life.

Fast training success

An improvement of the respiratory muscles can occur after a short time, because the diaphragm can be easily strengthened by regular training. If you train 2-3 times a week, you will feel improvements after about 6 weeks.

Small device with big impact

Developed in Austria. Manufactured in Austria. When Respifit S was launched in 1992, it was the first training device for improving inspiratory respiratory muscle strength and endurance. In its development, the medical team is guided by the latest findings in sports medicine. This advance makes Respifit S unique and extremely powerful. More than ever today, in its third generation. Respifit S evaluates the maximum strength of the respiratory pump and strengthens the respiratory pump to help the lungs work better. In addition, Respifit S can measure and train endurance function. Whether in the hospital, in the doctor's office or at home—the small, handy device can be used anywhere.

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